How to store logs

We find the best way to store logs is to make your own log store; this can easily be done. It is best to build one out of old pallets and it must be off the ground and with partitions to separate the wood. The bigger the better! You only need a partial cover to stop the rain as it's the air that dries the wood! So don't put in a shed or garage.

What logs to buy

For the first year, kiln dried logs are good but can be an expensive option. In the second year, buy normal firewood from a local supplier but buy in spring so that you can air dry it yourself throughout the summer. You can also buy a pallet of briquettes to mix in with the logs .

Essentials for lighting a stove

  • firelighters
  • kindling
  • matches/lighter

Where to buy

We do not have a particular person we recommend, but these are a few places to buy your essentials

  • local log man
  • local supermarket sell small bags of kiln dried logs
  • ebay