Above you will find a small selection of problems we have come across over the years


1st column

  • a gas mesh left in place on a wood burning stove
  • galvanised bars used to support a chimney pot, making it harder to sweep the chimney properly
  • a frying pan used instead of a cowl
  • on top of an open fire burning wood
2nd column
  • gas cowl being used on a wood burning stove
  • the builder did this to stop birds but could have caused the death of a customer
  • the last sweep left his brush behind
  • its not good to burn wet wood at a low rate over night
3rd column
  • one our biggest obstructions removed from a chimney
  • sometimes there are no words for what people do
  • mesh put on the bottom of a cowl, therefore causing lots of smoke
  • this wood burner has not been used properly